Here you can find all my desserts collection, cupcake, macaron, bundtcake, poundcake etc etc


Rum custard pie

I definitely love rum flavored custard! As you know, Italy is also famous for its ice-cream fine-art. If you go to any bars here, you…

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Plum pie

Make your fall sweeter… During these rainy days, I decided to use the last plums to make an alternative plum pie built in layers. This tart (which…

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Carrot jellies

Trick or Treat? Halloween is approaching and how’s the best way to answer to “trick or treat ?!” question? I’d like to suggest you an easy…

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Matcha tea mug cake

Matcha tea mug cake is an amazing cake made and baked into the homonymous cup (the mug). Ideal for delicious desserts breaks during the day. Matcha…

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